One day workshops


An Introduction Tarot Card Reading Workshop.

Tarot cards have existed since the early modern period and the use of the cards for divination dates to at least the eighteenth century. The earliest tarot decks were hand painted and were thus not widely available (or affordable). But, with the invention of the printing press, mass production of the cards became possible.

‘An introduction the Tarot’ is a comprehensive workshop that will introduce you to the mysterious and fascinating art of Tarot reading by explaining the archetypes and symbols in the cards. You will learn to use your intuition and ‘sixth sense’ in the process. By the end of the day you’ll have a good, basic grasp of the structure and symbolism of tarot and will be able to do simple readings for yourself and others.

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Clairvoyance and Mediumship

Spiritual & Psychic Development Workshop

This is a beginner’s workshop where you will learn the basic skills to help you develop your psychic abilities in a safe environment. The day will start by learning how to protect yourself, followed by a meditation. Informative notes will be included.

Other Highlights of the course are as follows:

• Understanding your Clairvoyant Skills
• Connecting with your Spirit Guides
• Psychometry (Reading Jewellery)
• Channelled Writing
• How to clear and ground yourself

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Release, Relaxe and Rejuvenate Workshop for Women.

This one day workshop offers a gentle space to relax, connect inside to your own Self in your own way and if you are ready, let go of stress, worries and past hurts. On letting go we make room for the new and music can gently help us to release and let go without the needs for words. Through sound therapy, using Gongs and Crystal bowls, quiet pauses, gentle breathing techniques active meditations and chanting we can connect to our hearts, share and celebrate our incredible individual strength, resilience and forbearance.

Release the stress, worries and the experiences of the past, relax the mind and body and rejuvenate by celebrating our strengths and resilience!

We are strong compassionate and resilient women who have been through a lot and have strengths we may not even recognize! Give yourself the gift of some time to release anxieties, relax your mind and body and rejuvenate your spirit and celebrate the beauty, compassion and great humour we all hold inside.

We cannot change our past but we can certainly transform our individual and collective future by gently letting go of the past, recognising and celebrating our incredible strengths of compassion and resilience.

A truly inspiring experience!

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“Jane’s gift is the real deal, she read my cards with incredible accuracy and gave me some really helpful insights into the next 6 months, thank you Jane.