Here’s what just a few of our clients have to say…

“As first time expectant parents my partner and I were having usual pangs of excitement as well as being a little anxious. Stressful work lives meant there is little room to focus on our wellbeing and so Jane came recommended. Jane gently guided us into the meditation with verbal & breathing prompts to enable us to relax before beginning to play the gongs.

What I can only describe as a deeply immersive experience in which the “songs” of the gongs completely envelopes you into a state of calm and relaxation.We each had different experiences during the session, some of which included day dreams/visions. I personally felt that I’d decluttered and removed some anxiety and tension. We both agreed about being relaxed so much so it’s probably the best nights sleep we’ve had in months…and my partner continues to have.

Thank you Jane for sharing your gift!”

— Karl & Michelle Holden

“This reading took me by surprise, Jane reminded me of things in my childhood which I had forgotten about and no one would of ever known about. I found it very emotional and I felt that I put alot of things to bed.

Jane was spot on with my lifestyle and I took things on board which I hope will help me long term.

When I listened to my recording back, again more things slotted into place and I’m blown away with my reading and the experience as a whole.

I would highly recommend Jane and would like to thank her again.”

— Judith

“I first heard about Jane after my sister had a reading with her which was recorded on to a CD.

I do not have the words for what I listened to, sadly my Dad had very recently passed away which is what lead my sister to have the reading. I was very sceptical so I did not go. I heard the full conversation from start to finish and could not believe what she said about my Dad, how could someone who has never met any of us know the whole circumstances surrounding his death which were extremely exceptional, And it wasn’t just one or two things either. I was absolutely shocked at the content of the entire reading which lasted approximately 30 minutes. This has led me to having a reading with Jane myself and again she did not disappoint.

More recently my sister and myself had a joint reading with Jane and all I can say is I don’t know how she does it but she does it well. It is so nice to finally find someone who not only is genuine but is also kind and caring and who will take the time to answer all your questions as honestly as she can, no matter how long it takes and it’s not about the money!

I will definitely be seeing Jane again in the future.”

— Sarah

“I had the pleasure of Jane’s company on a yoga retreat earlier this month. I was blown away by the accuracy of her Tarot reading . She has a gentle way of explaining her findings and I felt totally at ease. Jane also immersed us in a Gong bath, another amazing experience that is hard to put into words!

Thank you Jane, you are wonderful lady.”

— Sally Jones