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One frustration that I consistently see others have, is getting traditionally negative tarot cards in their tarot reading. Nobody likes getting these cards; they are much less welcomed than the happy sun or star tarot card. And if you’re getting a reading with the preconceived (and we think, harmful) notion that tarot is predictive and foretells one’s destiny – these cards can cause a mild panic attack.

I tell everyone who asks me about negative tarot cards, that it’s not about the card you draw, it’s about how you interpret the cards which will reveal your relationship with the world around you. Although it can be tempting, don’t place blame on the cards that you draw; learn to take the initiative and try and learn from them. Like with life, we can’t choose what happens to us, nor the cards that we are dealt; we can only learn how to make the best of that draw. If you delve deeper into each tarot card, you’ll learn that each one has its own lesson. How we live our lives is determined not by what happens to us, but by the stories that we choose to tell ourselves.

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