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Focus on yourself: If the reading is for you, make sure your thoughts centre on you rather than on someone else who you think may be the root of your problem.

Stay neutral: Your question shouldn’t convey a preconceived notion that your view is necessarily the right one. For example, asking why you’re doing more work around the house than your spouse isn’t neutral; asking how you can get more cooperation from your spouse when it comes to housework is neutral.

To ask a specific question or not?

Open readings address the larger aspects of your life rather than a specific problem area or question. They’re usually done when you’re entering a new phase of life, such as getting married, graduating from college or starting a family. You can somewhat direct the reading if you have a general area you want to cover, such as your career or health, but that’s as specific as the direction gets.  I personally prefer to answer questions after I have completed the reading.

Be positive: This one is straightforward. Instead of asking yourself why a specific event hasn’t happened, ask what you can do to help make that event happen.



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