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There’s a whole lot of stuff that happens on the energetic plane when you get a Tarot Card Reading. The focus being the energetic plane. It is your energy that directs the way the cards show up in the reading regardless of who picked the cards – you or the Tarot Card Reader. The Tarot Card Reader tunes into your energy and it’s that energy which guides her to pull a specific card for you. In a sense, the Tarot Card Reader is merely interpreting the energy that you are radiating.

So, when you’re in an emotionally charged up situation, chances are that the reading will reflect this. The best time to get a reading is when you’re calm, when your energies are calm, and you are mentally and emotionally open to receiving the divine guidance that is meant for you.

This also means that you need to be open to hearing things that you may not really want to, as well as things you hope to. This kind of advice may be hard to hear — but deep down, you know it’s the right advice. I understand you may not be ready to implement this advice just yet — that’ s your personal choice. But the Universe wants you to know the answer to the question you asked — pay attention to what it has to say. You need to really and truly keep your personal desires and interests out of the way. Those are bound to flow through your energy field and clog up your energy forces, thus confusing many things in the reading.

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